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Toriel Dreemurr, as stated, is the guardian of the Ruins,

Asgore's ex-wife, and the mother of Asriel Dreemurr.

Toriel first saved Frisk's life before Flowey kills Frisk with his pellets.


Her appearance is that of an anthropomorphic goat.

She wears a large, blue dress or robe that displays the Delta Rune on her chest

and is sometimes seen with her reading glasses.


Toriel is a very kind, motherly monster who genuinely cares for the protagonist

While ultimately a motherly figure, she does have a harder side to her personality,

as seen by her refusal to allow Frisk to leave the Ruins and by her cold treatment of Asgore.

In addition, she has something of a jokster streak, evidenced by her interactions with Sans. Both of them share

a liking for bad puns, much to Papyrus's annoyance.

She has always wanted to be a teacher. By the time the Frisk reaches her

house, she states that she has already prepared a curriculum for their education.