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These are graphs showing the amount of available dialogue per setting in each region.

We found that the locations with the higher dialogue counts are where the greatest differences between the Genocide, Pacifist, and Neutral routes occur, as well as the most variety in dialogue due to the conditions that we had tracked in the game. This is seen espesically in the FloweyExitHall in Ruins, where there is a large variety of dialogue depending on the route you chose to play, whether or not you did a route change, and whether or not you've played the game before. The biggest exception to the rule is SnowdinTown, as it's just a large town with a lot of flavor dialogue. Although SnowdinTown has some changes in dialogue depending on route and conditions, it isn't as much as, for example, FloweyExitHall.

Another difference between the routes that we observed in our data is that, as you go further into the game, the genocide route has less and less dialogue. This is because, as you progress, more characters have died or evacuated, so they are not around to talk to you. In the genocide route, some characters only talk to you in combat as opposed to talking to you outside of combat in the overworld. Because of this, they do not have dialogue present in the overworld in any location, as battle takes place in a separate location from exploration.





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