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Mettaton is a robot with a SOUL and was built by Alphys. Initially an

entertainment robot turned human killing robot, Mettaton is later revealed to

have only acted as such so that Alphys could rescue the Frisk, so she could feel

important and become closer to them. Mettaton is the sole television star of the Underground.


Mettaton originally appears as a gray, large rectangular box with a grid of

lights at the top. The grid of lights can change colors, and Mettaton uses these color

changes in place of facial expressions. He has four dials at the bottom of

his body, and the bottom, he has a single leg which ends in a wheel. He has two

segmented robotic arms which end in white gloves.


Mettaton is a confident, charismatic, and charming TV host that loves drama,

action, and violence. He lives for his ratings and adores performing.

He shows a rather shallow appreciation for existence at times. However, despite his

narcissistic personality, he deeply cares about the seemingly positive

impact his show has had on the creatures of the Underground.