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Asriel Dreemurr is the biological child of Toriel

and Asgore and the adoptive brother of the first human.

He serves as the final boss of the True Pacifist Route.


Similar to Toriel and Asgore, Asriel has long ears, a snout, and visible fangs.

In his initial form, he wears a green, long-sleeved shirt with yellow stripes

and black pants, similar to the First Human's clothing. He also has a small patch

of fur on his head and lacks horns.


Before his death, Asriel was a docile, boring, and loving child. He cared

for the First Human as a sibling, and he trusted them when they came up with a

plan to escape the Underground.

After Alphys resurrects Asriel without a SOUL as Flowey, he becomes incapable of

feeling love. This makes him bored and resentful.

After temporarily regaining his compassion, he apologizes for his actions

to Frisk.

Much like his father, Asgore, he speaks using southern slang.